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Broden McLean is a local to our area, and the founder of McLean Fitness. He has transformed the previous garage space into an inviting gym, where he offers one-on-one personal training and nutritional counselling, either in person or virtually. He also offers group workshops sessions weekly.

Growing up in the mountains, being healthy and active was always a big part of his life, and still is. He spent the majority of his time in the outdoors, hiking, swimming, and ripping up the slopes in the winter. Throughout high school, he played every sport there was to offer and even won several awards. Seeing the payoff, he was naturally motivated to train and keep his body healthy. He started lifting weights when he was 15 and there was no looking back. By age 18 and 19, he trained himself, competed in and even placed in two Natural Bodybuilding shows. He is planning to start training for another show in the near future. If you're interested, reach out to talk more about what that entails.

His passion for being healthy and active is evident when you meet him and carries through to each and every session. He is your biggest fan and will help push you to whatever goal you're hoping to reach. Whether it is gaining and maintaining mobility and range of motion, working through a past or present injury, or focusing on gaining muscle or losing weight, he is able to adapt the workouts to what will be safest and most effective for you.

Before moving back to Nakusp, Broden was working in a studio in Calgary where his client base was diverse. He's focused on women's programs, including strengthening and postnatal care, and has worked with clients all the way up into their 70s. Broden believes that the best practice is to take care of yourself while you're younger and healthy, so that you can avoid major injuries and enjoy life well into your senior years. 

He has worked with Physiotherapists in the past, helping patients to effectively manage their recovery. If you need encouragement or someone to run through your treatment plan with, Broden is the perfect trainer to ensure you're effectively working to repair your body.

If you have ever felt intimidated or out of your element in a gym, or when facing the decision to start a fitness regime, or you just want to make sure that your exercises are targeting the areas you're really hoping to improve, contact Broden to help support you in your personal journey to getting into your best shape.

Broden has his Personal Fitness Trainer diploma (PFTD), his Precision Nutrition Coaching Certification (PN1), ACE Personal Training Certification and Ace Small Group Training. He is excited to be offering both one-on-one personal Fitness Training and Nutrition Counseling sessions, as well as Group workout sessions, aimed at getting you motivated and confident and feeling good. 

"I love the discipline, confidence and power that resistance and aerobic training has brought to me. As my experience progresses, I have shifted much more focus onto recovery and functional training to avoid injury and live pain-free. Consistency and effort is what it takes - this is very simple, but not easy. Let me help make it easier for you!" - Broden McLean, McLean Fitness

To discuss options and fitness plans, contact Broden McLean at 250-265-1957 or by clicking the Contact button. 

Pursuit Counselling and Fitness

Bobbi is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor who works with all age groups and fitness levels. She is passionate about making fitness simple to understand, easy to attain, and above all....FUN!

Her goal is to instill in her clients the value of overall health and wellness through proper diet and exercise - and to give them the necessary tools to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

She is mobile, which is convenient if you would rather exercise at home.

You can also sign up for fitness Bootcamps with Bobbi!

Check out her website for more information and booking.