Nakusp Integrated Health, Inc.

Proudly providing the space in Nakusp for Health & Wellness practitioners to offer a variety of therapeutic services to the community.

Our Story

This facility offers space for health and wellness practitioners to offer their varied therapeutic services to the community. 

There are 5 treatment rooms, all providing a wide variety of therapies.

Some of the therapists are local, and some travel from outside the community to offer their treatments, but all have one goal in mind, which is to get you feeling better. 

The clinic roots started in 2017 when Carley Cooke, RMT moved to Nakusp and opened her RMT business. Over time, as more practitioners asked to share the space, the clinic grew to provide the community with variety of different therapeutic services. As it expanded, the clinic moved four times to different locations, all on Broadway Street, having finally arrived at what is now the perfect location. Nakusp Integrated Health incorporated in 2022, to act as a main tenant, subleasing space to Health and Wellness professionals, each running their own small businesses.